Monday, August 06, 2007

Mergsworld: The Silent Comic-strip

Mergs lives in a grey and oppressive world, confined by a plethora of laws which are concerned with catergories, labels and order. This is Merg's world.

Pt.1 Sunrise!
Our protagonist awakes to the automated sound of chicken, and in his mind he sees the sun rise over grassy hils. As his eyes open he sees the world in the only colours as he knows it for, and prepares accordingly to his timetable for work duties.

Pt.2 Breakfast, cartoons and then...
Mergs takes pleasure in the little things in life; looking after stray cats and cartoons from an age gone by are his little treats before facing the day at the Old Factory. Without these (and a few other things) life as Mergs knows it holds very litle pleasures.

Pt.3 ...Off to work!

Pt.4 "Got a snout?"

Pt.5 "You need a new hat more than a snout, bub..."

Pt.6 Take flight!

Pt.7 Snow in the city
"Its cold and this hat is stinky, but hey, I feel like I've started the day well! I'm bettin' my granma's funky drawers that I've just made that old chap's day!"

Pt.8 Time for a snout...

Pt.9 A vision!
Right before Mergs' eyes a world comes into view within the smoke ring. He has never seen anything so strange, so bizarre...
...and is left speechless!

Pt.10 Sweating on the bus
As the vision dissolves back into the city, Mergs is left in a daze. His bus arrives and seats himself on the upper floor, reflecting on the mysterious world he has just been allowed to catch a glimpse of...and the world that is in front of him...

And he asks himself, "Just what is this place?"

To Be Continued...
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