Thursday, February 01, 2007

Man in the city

Heres an old project which I've re-drawn/layout etc recently-The project itself was a collaboration with a secondary school in London where 12 year old students had to write stories in their creative writing class which were in turn given to us at random to illustrate. Lucky me, I was given an essay which was all 'statistics' and 'facts' about man and his effect on nature in the city! The comic here is my translation of the essay which I asume would have been written for a public speech about pollution in the city. The absurdity of the events in the comic itself were a reaction to the essay because although the essay was essentially facts and statistics, it was quite obvious there was no research behind any of what was written-which I quite liked, this in turn gave me a lot of room to interpret it as literally as it was written. I have editted heavily on the essay, but seriously there really wasnt much to go on...Hope you like this interpretation of man in the city!

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