Saturday, May 10, 2008

Louis Vuitton & MergsWorld Monogram

The monogram is essentially an observation of how some myths can be taken as reality (like religion) and how real life can escalate into myth (like religion!). It is also an experiment into the idea of the mythology behind couture and big fashion labels, handbags and limited edition designs having become a religion in its own right with private shrines dedicated all to their glory! The use of the LV monogram is not only a nod to its iconic image but also a reference to how some people feel when they see this pattern stretched over a piece of luggage or a tiny wallet. Im not an expert on fashion but I have seen in my time enough folk pausing for a moment of awe when they see it. Is it a bit too much? I dont know but it does certainly have that effect on some people which is interesting enough on its own. Its a work in progress and there are yet to be many more characters of myth and prominent figures of history and contemporary times to be added to the monogram.
Stay tuned for the updated versions!