Monday, October 06, 2008


Photos above by Cleveland

Recently I was very lucky to be a part of the design company ILOVEDUST who got helms deep involved in the Artful Dodger Party to launch their latest line of clothing for 2008 as part of the New York Fashion week. Here are a few photos and some more here Oh yeah and Jay Z was there too along with Beyonce.

Thanks a lot to the good folk at ilovedust, Spread and Artful Dodger!!

Also we got some behind the scenes action of the event!
The design above of the invitation was created by the almighty Matt of ilovedust

And a close up of the Airforce Ones along with Nooka watches, all customised by the ILD team for the ARTFUL DODGER show!
Nike x Nooka x ILD

And heres a few of the event itself...

Hanging out with the BETATANK design team who were visiting to perform in DEITCH'S Parade, unfortunately delayed til Spring due to bad weather! Partying it up nonertheless the night before!

Eyal, Jules and Joeseph Malia of BetaTank, a photographer Cleveland who was also exhibiting at the Chelsea Art Museum and Mergs outside the venue, enjoying some fresh air

The very friendly, very busy crowd

And the following morning...

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