Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Night parade of 100 Demons v.1

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The images here will be part of an on-going project to document the myriad of characters from inside my mind and also those that I have been inspired by. The project of the 'Night parade..' began as I was researching folk-tales of Japan and its plethora of spirits and goblins known as 'Yurei' and 'Yokai.' The idea of the night parade is taken from Toriyama Sekien's 'Myriad of a hundred Ghosts and Demons' and initially began as an homage to it. However as the different personalities of each creature came to be put on paper, I gradually became more and more carried away with the characters from within my head also-so here we have it! Ive barely begun this project, but it looks like the traditional Yokai parade will also be shaired with the characters from my own little world...

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